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Epson 252XL High Yield Ink Cartridges Essentials 3 + 2 Combo (Generic)

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Epson 252XL High Yield Ink Cartridges Essentials 3 + 2 Combo (Generic) Description

... Enjoy some terrific savings here with these compatible budget-line Epson 252XL Black High yield ink cartridges. 

These cartridges come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and have been specifically designed to be used in Epson Workforce printers. It comes pre-filled with premium ink to produce detailed, crisp, sharp lines for quality text work. It also delivers a full shading gamut of vibrant tones and hues for outstanding colour expression with smooth gradations.    


  • These ink cartridges come filled to the brim with premium COLOUR and Black ink. With such higher capacity tanks, you'll see increases total productivity and lower cost because you will be able to do longer runs between changes, have fewer hassles and less waste.
  • Made for use in Epson Workforce 3620, 3640, 7610 and 7620 inkjet printers and multi-function centres.   
  • The print quality of this compatible Epson 252XL high yield ink cartridge is outstanding and perfect for a broad range of business, commercial uses as well as at home or school.   
  • Each ink cartridge is matched to its print head with thousands of microscopic nozzles to ensure significant and speedy coverage of the media. This tiny size of the nozzle also helps to alleviate graininess and bronzing while at the same time the gamut of colour ensures additional hue and tone vibrancy across the spectrum.   
  • Output layering upon the media is resistant to scratches, smears and abrasions, making prints highly durable to handling and processing.   
  • Thermal inkjet is the technology that determines how the ink in the cartridge tank gets applied to the page. It does this by heating up the ink inside very fine printhead nozzles. The heat makes the ink expand and this produces a droplet which is then applied to the paper or media. As the ink is applied directly to the page from thousands of microscopic nozzles, the resolution is markedly superior to laser and dot matrix type printing technologies, making inkjet the preferred option when quality is demanded or preferred.   
  • The consistent viscosity of the ink contributes significantly to ensuring high page saturation and low bleed levels are achieved and sustained across the life of the cartridge. This results in delivering printed output that produces both bright and sharp lines for exceptional text work along with a broad scope of solid colour and black for vivid colour expression when needed for photos and artwork applications.   
  • Utilise this ink cartridge with advanced printer setting alterations and select media to produce even greater vibrancy for vivid photo artwork and prints. Additionally, for text and fine line graph work, try other recommended settings which can help save on ink, mainly draft mode.   
  • Ultra-High resolution levels of up to 4800 x 2400 DPI (Dots Per Inch) can be achieved thanks to the number and size of the print head's microscopic nozzles, resulting in precise, detailed, beautifully rendered prints. 
  • Excellent budget option for creating professional office reports, tables, documents, publications, brochures and high-quality full-page colour output.   
  • Each cartridge comes fully packed and vacuum sealed in its box to extend longevity and prevent leakages and potential ink blotching occurring.   
  • Get up to 5500 A4 pages at 5% page coverage*.

What is in the box? 
2 x Compatible Epson 252XL Black High Yield Ink Cartridges. 
1 x Compatible Epson 252XL Yellow High Yield Ink Cartridge. 
1 x Compatible Epson 252XL Cyan High Yield Ink Cartridges. 
1 x Compatible Epson 252XL Magenta High Yield Ink Cartridges.

Whether used primarily to produce professional office documents, large print out runs, artwork, photos, presentations or more, you can be confident that this Fully Guaranteed Compatible Epson 252XL High Yield budget value replacement ink cartridge will deliver exceptional quality results over and over again.   

And remember, at Inkjet Wholesale, you'll always get the lowest prices in the whole of Australia, and the highest standards of service quality Enjoy our Printer Perfect Lifetime Warranty, Super Low Prices and now also with FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE over $49 total cart spend ... Stock up and Save Today!   

Oh, just one last thing, for those after a few extra and all so handy spare cartridges, check out our range of Multi-Pack Combo Bundles and Bulk Buy Cartons HERE, you'll save make some nice extra savings and always have a spare just when you need it.   

*Approx declared yield value by ISO/IEC24711

Premium Lifetime Printer Perfect Warranty - GUARANTEED


  • 100% Fully guaranteed
  • Lifetime shelf warranty
  • High saturation
  • No bleeding or smearing
  • Outstanding colour matching
  • Premium quality ink
  • Vivid colour
  • Fade resistant
STMC Compliant Company QA International Accredited Member of the Imaging Technology Council ISO 9001 Accredited ISO 14001 Accredited


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