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Epson 302 Ink Cartridge Value 5 Pack Combo Original

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Epson 302 Ink Cartridge Value 5 Pack Combo Original Description

Save and print more with this genuine Epson 302 Ink cartridge 5 Value Combo. Designed specifically to fit into the Epson Expression Premium XP6000 All-in-One Multi-Function Printer.    


  • The ink cartridges in this combo pack come filled with Epson's patented Claria type formulation of premium ink and forms part of the family of printer cartridges that provide exceptional quality printed documents as well as vivid full-colour images, particularly when utilised with advanced printer settings and with recommended particular media. The high saturation and low bleed characteristics ensure crisp and clear lines for producing exceptional text work. The full gamut expression of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow ensures significant vibrancy when printing images, photos and artwork.    
  • Prints made are both abrasion and scratch resistant due to the combination of the ink properties and the fixing application process onto to the media. With the primary pigment black having 360 microscopic nozzles in its associated printhead applicator and each of the photo black and other colours having a massive 180 nozzles each, operators can achieve outstanding print results and accurate colour matching. Up to 5760 x 1440 optimised DPI with (with Variable Sized Droplet Technology) utilising advanced printer settings and particular media is possible. 

  • The print quality of these genuine ink cartridges is typical of what we have come to expect from Epson; consistent quality with crisp and vibrant results time and time again. Much of this due to the unique Claria Pigment and Dye inks used in each ink cartridge tank which has been engineered and meticulously developed by Epson's Claria research and development team at their dedicated imaging laboratories to ensure optimum print results and the highest reliability.  

  • Prints produced from the mix of colours in this combo are resistantt to smudging and fading which results in higher durability for extensive handling and output longevity. 

  • The Image Processing System of the printer uses a component called a thermal print head to produce a perfect balance and mixture of inks for the best output results. Software system processes also ensure every ink droplet is precisely applied so that overall processing time is minimised, which results in faster printing and improved office efficiency and productivity.  

  • These types of inkjet printers utilise an image formation process called thermal inkjet technology to create the final image. The output nozzle section of the print-head houses a mini heating element which expands the ink that has been drawn from the ink cartridge tank and forces it out into a micro pico-litre droplet form onto the surface of the paper. The smaller the picolitre droplet size number, generally the better the print resolution produced. Additionally, because the droplet is smaller, less total ink is used, so cost-per-page is lower which makes it cheaper to operate. In this case, the minimum ink droplet volume is an incredibly small 1.5 Picolitres.

  • The ink cartridges in this combo are capable of maintaining consistent printed output at print speeds up to 15.8 ISO pages per minute** producing black text and up to up to 11.3 ISO pages per minute** for the photo black and other colours. 

  • The ink viscosity (thickness) is accurately measured by internal sensors and managed in a way to eliminate stray line streak occurrence across the media's surface. 

  • Each cartridge comes with its own Epson factory warranty as well as our own 100% Lifetime Shelf Guarantee and Printer Perfect Warranty for your guaranteed peace of mind. 

  • Each cartridge unit is engineered to Epson's own internal stringent QA manufacturing standards to guarantee performance and reliability. To ensure these standards are achieved and maintained, each cartridge is thoroughly examined at regular production points and then rigorously tested on a series of explicitly pre-determined quality, capacity, reliability and longevity benchmark criterion. Only once each has met and passed such tests, that they are approved and certified for mass distribution. 

  • These genuine Epson inkjet cartridges are recognised as the pinnacle in respect to quality and performance and therefore ideal for jobs where such attributes are demanded and valued. Perfect for producing high-end reports, tables, documents, publications, brochures and colour photos and artwork. 

  • Each cartridge is developed from eco-friendly materials and non-toxic components and manufactured in high-grade clinical, sterile factory conditions to ensure continuous durability and safety.   

  • The colours in this combo are Black (Pigment), Photo Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow (Dye). 

  • The ink cartridges in this pack are the standard yield size. The pigment black is rated to a print capacity of up to 250 pages, the Photo Black is rated to 400 photos and the three colours combined are rated at 300 pages (Composite)*. 

  • Each cartridge comes individually vacuum packed to maintain shelf life and to prevent air bubbles, leakages and ink blotching formation. 

What is in the box?  
1 x Epson 302 Black Ink Cartridge (Original).
1 x Epson 302 Photo Black Ink Cartridge (Original).
1 x Epson 302 Cyan Ink Cartridge (Original). 
1 x Epson 302 Magenta Ink Cartridge (Original). 
1 x Epson 302 Yellow Ink Cartridge (Original). 

Incredible Value! Not only will this Epson 302 Black and Multi-colour ink combo pack provide continuous quality document and full-colour printing, but you'll also get the best price thanks to our Guaranteed Lowest Price or get it FREE Promise! Buy now, and also you'll get FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE!

*Approx declared yield value by ISO/IEC24711.
**Black and colour print/copy speeds are measured by ISO/IEC 24734 and 29183. Actual print times will vary based on system configuration, software, and page complexity

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