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SC 3D Filament PLA - Red 1.75mm 1Kg Roll

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SC 3D Filament PLA - Red 1.75mm 1Kg Roll Description

Brand: SC

Model: 3D Filament PLA - Red 1.75mm

Manufacturer Code: PLA175R1

Type: 1Kg Roll

Category: 3D Filament

… Get massive savings on this high-quality 1Kg roll of 3D PLA Filament media to suit the new range of hobbyist 3D printers. The size of the filament is 1.75mm in diameter and is red in colour and comes in a diameter size of 1.75mm. This type of filament thermoplastic media is known as PLA and is the perfect for making items that will be used in moderate ambient temperatures up to a max of 60 degrees. Ideal for projects where high aesthetic quality, precision finish and a glossy look are demanded. Although PLA is is more flexible with printing conditions than ABS, objects created with it are a little more fragile and susceptible and to damage, as it doesn't have the same strength or resilience properties of ABS. Things like intricate gifts, models and prototype parts that require high precision detailed and quality finish are examples of items that can be successfully printed with PLA thermoplastic.

• Compatible with loads of different branded 3D printers.
• This roll is red in colour and has a 1.75mm core diameter.
• Print quality with this red PLA filament is optimum.
• PLA is bio and earth-friendly as it is made from recycled and organic materials. 
• Minimal shrinkage occurs once job completed.
• Higher 3D printing speed than ABS.
• Has minimal shrinkage characteristics.
• Can be created on a printer without a hotbed.
• Comes with 100% Lifetime Shelf Guarantee.  

Whats in the box?
1 x 1Kg Roll of 3D PLA Thermoplastic Filament Media in Red at 1.75mm diameter. 

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SC 3D Filament PLA - Red 1.75mm 1Kg Roll Reviews