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Xerox CT201592 Cyan Toner Cartridge (Generic)

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Xerox CT201592 Cyan Toner Cartridge (Generic) Description

Brand: Xerox Generic

Model: CT201592

Manufacturer Code: CT201592

Type: Cyan Toner Cartridge

Manufacturer Form: Generic

Category: Xerox Toner

Page Yield: Approx 1400 pages at 5% coverage*.

Lower your printing costs forever with this Super Value Ultimate Performance Fuji Xerox CT201592 toner cartridge generic to suit a broad range of DocuPrint laser printers and other devices today! Not only will you get solid performance and long-term durability, but you'll get increased print page output volume because this cartridge comes as High-yield type with extra toner included.   


  • Each cartridge comes with high-grade micro-granular toner designed to produce both sharp, crisp, bold text and lines for professional documents and a rich gamut of shaded tones and gradations for imaging and artwork.  

  • Shop with confidence knowing that this cartridge comes with a 100% Lifetime Shelf Guarantee and 100% Printer Perfect Warranty.  

  • Enjoy the convenience of fewer changes and more prints per cartridge on this high capacity cartridge with an expected page yield of up to 1400 pages at 5% page coverage*. This high yield cartridge holds more toner, so you'll enjoy much greater intervals between cartridge changes, saving you time, convenience and improving productivity. Plus with fewer cartridges lying around, you'll have less overall waste which is great for the environment.

  • Printed pages are resistant to resistant to chemicals, abrasions, smudging and fading caused by continuous handling and adverse environmental elements.   

  • Made and tested and to ensure a consistent and ongoing output at a print speed of up to 40 pages per minute.  

  • Prints manufactured with these types of premium performance toner cartridges have excellent colour matching properties with high page saturation.  

  • Special polymers have been included in the final powder formulation to enhance print quality grade, extend inner printer componentry life and to lower toner particle melting point so that the printer can reach standby condition faster which reduces overall energy operating costs.

  • Achieve quality printed output with up to 600 x 600 DPI (dots per inch) resolution thanks to the microscopic size of the toner granules and polymer particles used. You can also improve standard print resolution output by using different printer settings and combining with special media paper. Consider also settings to extend the cartridge life by switching to draft-mode when quality output is less critical, i.e. internal memos.  

  • Ideal for quality and volume printing at the busy office, organisation or school where a lower print-per-page cost is demanded.   

    Each cartridge is made from durable, eco-friendly parts and materials certified to ISO9001 and UKAS accreditation standards and comes with our exclusive Printer Perfect Warranty for your confidence.  

  • The image creation process methodology employed here is known as laser reprographic technology. A laser inside the printer produces negative and positive static electricity charges as a reverse photostatic image on a photosensitive drum assembly. These charges then attract the oppositely charged toner particles to form an image on the drum. The paper is then moved along inside the printer to a registration point where the paper meets the drum. A reverse charge is then applied below the page, and then this attracts the image in the form of thousands of toner particles down onto the paper. It then moves onto a transport belt to a fusing unit, where the particles of toner and polymers are melted and impregnated into the fibres of the paper for permanent adhesion. The page then is ejected from the printer onto an exit tray ready for use and further processing.  

    Comes ready for immediate and continuous use in Xerox DocuPrint CM205b, CM205fw, CM215, CM215fw, CM215fw, CP105b, CP205, CP205w and CP215w Laser Printers and MultiFunction units.  

  • Each one of these toner cartridges come sealed and packed into its carton for easy storage and to maximise toner shelf life.   

  • Designed for easy and quick fitment once low toner is indicated and a cartridge change out becomes necessary.  

  • This toner cartridge contains Cyan toner.   

What is in the box?
1 x Fuji Xerox CT201592 Cyan High Yield Toner Cartridge (Generic).   

If value without compromising quality is important, then try these highly affordable toner cartridges from SCI. They work particularly well and won't muck up your printer. Each one is engineered to stringent ISO 9004 and ISO 9001 QA standards so you can be confident of enjoying both quality and longevity. They not only deliver great quality prints, but they also represent exceptional value when compared to original brand cartridges. Shop with confidence knowing that you can make significant savings without having to spend a fortune or having to settle for inferior quality, lower print capacity or performance.  

Stock up and spend up to $49 today, and you'll also get our famous FAST FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE! Plus, don't forget to check out our Super Saver Bulk Buy Specials as well for even greater savings, just click HERE. Try us today; you'll find the best prices for the best products and remember our promise to you ... You get the lowest price or get them FREE!   

*Approx declared yield value by ISO/IEC24711. 

Save an extra 60% with our
Xerox Generic CM205, CM215,CP105, CP205 Colour 4 Pack Toner Combo

Xerox Generic CM205, CM215,CP105, CP205 Colour 4 Pack Toner Combo

Was $313.24
Now only: $99.90
Save: $213.34 (68%)

Premium Lifetime Printer Perfect Warranty - GUARANTEED


  • 100% Fully guaranteed
  • Lifetime shelf warranty
  • High saturation
  • No bleeding or smearing
  • Outstanding colour matching
  • Premium quality ink
  • Vivid colour
  • Fade resistant
STMC Compliant Company QA International Accredited Member of the Imaging Technology Council ISO 9001 Accredited ISO 14001 Accredited

List of compatible printers

Save an extra 60% with our
Xerox Generic CM205, CM215,CP105, CP205 Colour 4 Pack Toner Combo

Xerox Generic CM205, CM215,CP105, CP205 Colour 4 Pack Toner Combo

Was $313.24
Now only: $99.90
Save: $213.34 (68%)

Xerox CT201592 Cyan Toner Cartridge (Generic) Reviews

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