Dean Usher

IT Development Manager

Thought before Thinker; Product before Producer; Service before Server

Pun before pundit? Metaphors before metaphysics? You can tell that I enjoy dabbling in the abstract, can't you? Nothing is more abstract in the world these days than IT. The "digital" space is where I operate but don't mistake my focus with my limitation. My speciality is to take abstract ideas and manifest them into digital assets while keeping them married to real world logistics. I also feel that the end result is far more important than the worker or your impact is much more significant than your self-worth. This is why I focus so heavily on results as opposed to myself.

At Inkjet Wholesale, I'm responsible for system analysis and design, which is an evolved form of IT management requiring broad thinking.In practice, I take ideas, create a roadmap for their translation, and then ensure refinement around obstacles. I can do this at Inkjet Wholesale because I was there at the beginning and understand its operations through and through.My passion for the abstract can be traced back to my late teen years.

Between 14 and 20 years of age, I was a professional musician and music is possibly the most abstract art form in the history of mankind. Broad thinking and converting abstract into tangible demand a variety of experience. This is probably why I spend so much time travelling the world and gaining new experiences. To simplify, I travel because I love it and I love it because it exposes me to new forms of thinking.

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