Denholm James

Inkjet Wholesale's Packaging Ninja

Inkjet Wholesale's Packaging Ninja

If my partner in crime can call himself a Warehouse Warrior, I believe I must be a Packaging Ninja. He goes about his business with style and panache, my method is quiet efficiency. In fact, that's something I live my life by – quiet efficiency. After all, you must work quietly and celebrate loudly, right?

My position at Inkjet Wholesale has related to warehouse management from the very beginning. While I used to handle packages and products manually before, now I'm more involved in paperwork and inventory management. I still try to join the forklift races now and then, though. You see, I'm a competitive gamer and a gamer at heart is a gamer everywhere in life.

I compete all over the world in Call of Duty. To succeed in Call of Duty, you need to be very methodical and strategic. It's the same in life and I implement this at work too. A lot of what I do at Inkjet Wholesale is managerial, which dovetails well with my education goals. I ampursuing a business degree at the Curtin University with a major in Marketing.

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