Pierce Mitchell

Inkjet Wholesale's Warehouse Warrior

Inkjet Wholesale's Warehouse Warrior

I like to think of myself as Inkjet Wholesale warehouse warrior. If you've ever worked in a warehouse with as much movement as here, then you would know exactly what I'm thinking. Busy warehouses are like controlled war zones. Everything is moving simultaneously and even if everything is fool proof and safe, you better be on your toes if you don't want to be left behind. Hyperbole aside, and calling myself a warrior is just that, I handle warehousing and dispatch operations here at Inkjet Wholesale.

I'm pretty proud of my contributions here and why won't I be? Have you seen how many reviews for Inkjet Wholesale are about packaging? Let me boast that my efforts have resulted in an inside joke at Inkjet with words "perfectly packed parcel". The "perfectly packed parcel" is also the name of the standard system here.

Personally, I'm studying engineering at UWA and when I'm not applying mechanical theories to parcel management, you can see me actually "studying". I try to always have a smile on my face and, believe me, when you're studying engineering it has to be a deliberate effort. I'm also an excellent football player and superb podcast listener. Did I say that I'm an avid cook too?

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