Shaleen Sinha

Content Consultant

I Like to Learn Something New Everyday

Writing is an addiction. Nay, it is a responsibility. I believe that a writer who isn't writing is failing all those who could've and would've read his work and learnt something new. A creative writer, however, doesn't only owe his future readers but also his future characters, who deserve to see the light of day.

Writing is what I know best. It is what I understand the most. Since writing cannot exist in a bubble, I learned a number of other disciplines to facilitate my writing. I learned how search engine optimisation works, how conversion rate optimisation functions, and how the world dances to the tune of marketers. In a nutshell, I became a content consultant and all of this is what I do at Inkjet Wholesale.

But, what I love most is still writing. I've moved mountains so I could write. I've lived under rocks to do the same. I've been a reporter, editor and journalist. I've followed my dreams to become a published author. I've struggled and tasted success as an entrepreneur. Now, I'm all of those things under the guise of a marketer. All of that and more, just so I could write.

In personal life, I obsess with growth. My belief system says that if you're not growing then you're stagnant. If there's one thing I want in life then it is progress. Progress is perfection in this world and that is what I aspire to with my family, my health, my contributions to society, my profession and even my hobbies.

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