HP 564XL Photo Black Photo Black High Yield Ink Cartridge (Generic)

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5 Star Premium Quality

  • 100% Quality Guaranteed
  • Premium lifetime warranty
  • Outstanding Colour Matching
  • ISO QA Certified Manufactured
  • Fade and smudge resistant
  • Brand: HP Generic
  • Model: 564XL Photo Black
  • Manufacturer Code: 564XL
  • Type: Photo Black High Yield Ink Cartridge
  • Manufacturer Form: Generic
  • Category: HP Inkjet
  • Page Yield: Approx 290 pages at 5% coverage
  • If you are printing high volume, but also on a budget, then have a look at these Fully Guaranteed compatible HP 564XL Photo Black High Yield ink cartridge. Not only will you get quality output and continuous and reliable performance, but you'll get a lot more prints because this ink cartridge is a high yield version with more ink. You'll be able to print up to 290 A4 pages at 5% page coverage*.  And with this extra amount of ink, the total cost per page is significantly lower, making it an ideal budget replacement ink cartridge for a wide range of print jobs.   

    Apart from the lower cost per page, the big advantage to these High Yield versions, is that you'll have a lot fewer interruptions to your workflow because you won't have to change cartridges so often. You'll also have far less empty cartridges floating around going to waste, so buying these higher capacity cartridges not only makes great economic sense, but it's also much more ecologically friendly as well.


    • This HP 564XL magenta ink cartridge manufactured by SCI comes filled with premium quality ink that produces sharp, bold text and extra vibrant colour density blocks for photos. It provides a full gamut of striking Black colour and the matching is amazingly accurate. Additionally, the saturation is high and bleed levels low thanks to the specially formulated ink that is used in this cartridge.  

    • Suitable for use in HP Deskjet 3070A, 3520, Photosmart B109A, B110A, B111A, B209A, B210, Pro B8550, B8553, B8558, Premium C309A, C310A, C410A, Estation C510A, HP Photosmart C5324, C5370, C5373, C5380, C6375, C5388, C5390, C5393, D5460, C6300, C6324, C6375, C6380, D5460, D5463, D5468, D7560, 5510, 6510, 7510, 4610, 4620, 7520 and 6520 inkjet printers and multi-function centres.  

    • This black ink cartridge has a print page capacity of 290 at 5% page coverage*.  

    • Fully guaranteed and manufactured to SCI's exacting high-tech standards to ensure continuous performance and maximum reliability. Their commitment to quality manufacture ensures that the viscosity of the ink in the cartridge tank section remained consistent and measured accurately to ensure printing does not produce any streaks.  

    • Manufactured from durable, non-toxic materials and quality parts to ensure maximum longevity and reliable performance.

    • Prints are resistant to fading and smudging, ideal for creating a wide variety of general print jobs in the modern office, school or at home.

    • Perfect for making custom professional documents and publications and reports at work and also equally perfect for creating great photos, calendars, artwork and presentations.  

    • The cartridge is a Photo Black and is a high yield capacity ink cartridge with more ink, so there are fewer changeover hassles, fewer work interruptions and less waste.   

    • Image formation technology is a process known as thermal inkjet. The cartridge tank is connected to an integrated print head and nozzle section that has a series of mini heating element pins. The thermal heat created by switching on these pins forces the ink to expand out from the nozzle and onto the waiting paper. The advanced print head produces an extraordinary tiny picolitre ink droplet size to make the image less grainy, giving smoother and sharper results every time. And because these extremely small ink nozzles are utilised, the print resolution is far superior to other types of printer technologies like laser and dot matrix.

    • This value-line compatible high yield ink cartridge is ideal for use anywhere there is an emphasis on keeping overheads and production costs as low as possible without having to compromise on print volume capacity or quality.  

    • Prints produced have high page saturation with solid vibrant blocks and hues of colour with smooth gradations and minimal bleed for exceptional expression.  

    • Each cartridge comes conveniently vacuum packed and inside its storage box to maintain longevity and to ensure no air bubbles, leakages or ink blotting.   

    What is in the box?
    1 x Compatible 564XL Photo Black Yield Ink Cartridge.  

    Shop with confidence today ... you'll pay less and be able to print more, all safe in the knowledge that you can achieve significant savings without having to compromise on performance, print volume capacity or durability.  

    Remember our Our Guaranteed Low Price Promise where you get the Lowest Prices or get it FREE! And if you also want FREE SHIPPING, that's easy too, just combine with other items to the value of $49, and you'll get FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING anywhere in Australia. Stock up and Save with us Today!  

    PS: If you'd like to stock up to avoid running out and wish to save even more, check out our range of Combos and Bulk Buy cartons HERE.

    *Approx declared yield value by ISO/IEC24711.

Premium Lifetime Printer Perfect Warranty - GUARANTEED

Inkjet Wholesale's exclusive SCI compatible cartridges come with a 100% lifetime money back defect guarantee for your peace of mind. they are manufactured with our special ink formulations and engineered under our strict QA supervision to ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited standards to ensure superior quality, performance and longevity. They will not void your factory warrantee or wreck your printer. In fact we are so confident in the quality of our SCI product that we also back this up with our exclusive printer damage liability warranty caused by any defective SCI cartridge.

  • 100% Fully guaranteed
  • Lifetime shelf warranty
  • High saturation
  • No bleeding or smearing
  • Outstanding colour matching
  • Premium quality ink
  • Vivid colour
  • Fade resistant
STMC Compliant Company QA International Accredited Member of the Imaging Technology Council ISO 9001 Accredited ISO 14001 Accredited
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* Australian Eastern Daylight Time - AEDT which includes NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, ACT.

HP 564XL Photo Black Photo Black High Yield Ink Cartridge (Generic) Reviews

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6 Reviews
sylvia jasper review
Sylvia Jasper

Nambour, Queensland

6th Oct 2017

Everything was great ,from the order being placed and the delivery on time .thanks to your team.Sylvia.

terry herbert review
Terry Herbert

Templestowe, Victoria

14th Aug 2017


Yasmin Emin review
Yasmin Emin

Montmorency, Victoria

27th Jun 2017

Excellent value for money.

Barbara Zimmerlie review
Barbara Zimmerlie

Nudgee, Queensland

23rd Apr 2017

Haven't used the ink yet but they arrived quickly and in good condition.

David Baud review
David Baud

Dromana, Victoria

10th Jan 2017

Amazing response to my orders over several years .It's instant, reliable and incredibly fast delivery each time. The website is easy to use but the lollies seem a little beyond use by date ! Don't need the discount reward as prices are xlent value anyway.

Chrissie Easton review
Chrissie Easton

Yokine, Western Australia

4th Sep 2016

Hi I have been buying my ink from Inkjet Wholesale for about 5 years. They are always efficient and reliable.

Installation instructions for HP 564XL Photo Black Photo Black High Yield Ink Cartridge (Generic)

HP 564XL Generic Printer Cartridge Recognition Issues and Reset Procedures - PC

PC Only (Not MAC's)

The use of NON HP printer cartridges will sometimes cause various messages to appear in order to deter your use of any cartridges that are not manufactured by HP. Please see below just some examples of such messages, some which you may receive and others not. Such depends on the model and the original programming of the printer by HP.

1."Used HP Cartridges installed. Refer to status screen on your computer for details. Press OK to continue"

2."To continue using these Cartridges Press OK. You may replace the Cartridges at any time"

3. "Ink Cartridge (s) refilled or depleted. Replace Cartridge(s) or press OK to continue"

There may be others referring to "Ink cartridge not recognised" or various connotation of such. Should such messages be preventing you from being able to print make sure you first have checked and viewed the instructions below:

Installation Procedure

Installation Alerts

If the above procedures have failed to remove errors, then please check the volume of the cartridge by removing from the printer and visually inspecting by holding up to the light and seeing what the level if any there is in the ink tank. If the level is low or empty, please immediately replace the ink cartridge with a NEW one, then turn off the printer, wait two minutes and then switch on again. Yes its strange that such errors occur when the cartridge is out of ink, but we know this to be true and one remedy is to simply replace the cartridge.

Should this also fail to overcome the ink recognition errors, then its likely that the programming of your printerhas been automatically updated by HP down the internet line and now because of such changes, the printer will NOT accept generic cartridges. The only solution now is to completely uninstall the printer and re-install with the original driver so the printer is reprogrammed with the original driver disc. Please follow the following instructions to unistall and re-install printer

1. Disconnect printer from PC if it is still connected via USB cable.

2. Uninstall ALL HP related software and drivers. Go to Windows Start Icon

3. Click on All Programs.

4. Look for HP and click on as below

5. In the HP Sub-Menu, look for Printer model as below and click

6. Click on Uninstall as below

7. Follow the prompts to fully uninstall the printer and ALL associated software

8. TURN OFF PC, not just reboot. Then after 5 minutes, TURN ON PC.

9. Once PC has booted up and is in standby, insert the original installation CD or download new drivers from HP.com (IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT connect printer to PC at this time).

10. When install disc or drivers asks for USB cable to be connected, please go ahead and connect. Just be sure to watch out for any prompts that suggest automatic updates and if seen, deny such permission.

11. When install disc or drivers asks for USB cable to be connected, please go ahead and connect. IMPORTANT NOTE: Just be sure to watch out for any prompts that suggest automatic updates and if seen, deny such permission.

12. Once printer is installed, go to Go to Windows Start Icon

13. Click on Devices and Printers as below

14. Double click on the printer name as below

15. Click on Estimated Ink Levels a shown below:

16. Click on HP Cartridge Protection as below:

17. Tick on “Disable HP Cartridge Protection” as below:

18. Click on “Save Setting” as below:

19. Close ALL screens by clicking on the X in the top right hand corner as below:

20. Once ALL sceens and popups are closed, click on the Windows Start Icon in bottom left of mainscreen as below:

21. Proceed to Shut Down button and click as below:

22. Wait for PC to shut down, then leave off fully for two (2) minutes and then restart PC. Once PC boots to standby go toWindows Start Icon in bottom left of mainscreen as below:

23. Click on Devices and Printers as below

24. Find printer and using mouse perform a right click, then scroll with cursor to Printer properties and click as below:

25: This window should appear and when it does, click on Print test Page button as below:

Inspect printed sheet and then close ALL windows and return to normal printing. If an error occurs, please review all the steps above and try again. If no printing occurs, please check all cables are fully plugged in from the PC to the printer. Often the USB cable fails and so printer never receives the proper instructions from the PC. Its always good practice anyway to change out the USB cable to avoid delays and frustrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the icon below to reveal answer

Will this printer cartridge fit my printer?
Just click on the tab menu to the left called Compatible Printers. You'll see the list of printer models that this cartridge will suit. If you do NOT see your printer listed, there is a good chance that this cartridge will NOT fit your printer. The best way to be absolutely sure is type your printer model into the search bar at the top of the page and click enter. The results will show you your exact printer model, and then you just click on VIEW PRODUCTS to see all the cartridges to suit your printer. Failing this, please contact us for assistance by clicking on the the Contact link at the very top of the web page.
Will I get the same amount of prints as an original OEM cartridge?
Yes definitely, in most cases the printer cartridge last longer than originals simply because we put more ink in at the factory. The reason we do this is that ink on its own is not so that expensive and so we always put as much ink as we can so you get more prints out, its that simple!
Does this cartridge come with a guarantee?
Yes it sure does, and not an ordinary guarantee. It comes with a 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We guarantee our premium SCI brand compatible products to perform to at least the same standards as the Original product for the lifetime of the printer. Furthermore we gurantee that you will get at a minimum, the same amount of prints as that of the original product, often you'll get more because we put more ink in during the manufacturing process. They come with a lifetime defect warranty which means that the shelf life is matched to the life of the printer machine. We guarantee them to be free of defect workmanship for at least the life of your printer. For all other genuine original brand catridges (i.e. manufactured by the printer brands) our gurantee is in line with respective manufactueres guarantees and as accorded by the Australian Consumer law (ACL). For genuine original products this usually 12 months from purchase assuming they are within a valid expiry date.
If I order this cartridge now, when will I get it?
If the current time is before 3.00PM, then it will be delivered within 24-48 hours depending on your location. For 99% of orders dispatched the same day, they are usually delivered the next day. If you're located in rural and regional areas these delivery times maybe marginally longer. In any case the worst case scenario should be no longer than 72 hours. If the current time is afte 3.00PM, then your order will be dispatched the next day, so you'd expect to see it still within 48-72 hours from now.
What will it cost to deliver this cartridge to my door to me?

If you were to purchase just the one single printer cartridge, then the shipping cost incurred would be from $8.95 upwards. For most small items the charge is $8.95 and this increases according to the weight of the product. To be exactly sure, just add the product to your cart and you'll see the shipping charge. Unfortunately, our low prices means we are unable to absorb the crazy shipping prices on single items charged by couriers and Australia Post. However, if you were to purchase this cartridge as part of a combo or bulk buy, then the shipping would be FREE! Please have a look under the FREE SHIPPING OFFERS tab for more details. Plus, when ordering more than one item model, if one item has the FREE shipping and the other does not, then FREE shipping applies to the whole order. We do not charge handling or packaging fees.

What if you don't have product in stock?
We will inform you by email and message centre of any orders placed on back-order (for example, for new stock that are yet to arrive).
Will the use of this generic cartridge affect the warranty on my printer?

No, absolutely not! Just like driving your car, you are not obliged to buy petrol from your car dealership or specific petrol stations or companies. Compatible replacement cartridges and supplies do not void the Printer Manufacturers Warranty. Your ACL statutory rights are not affected, irrespective of what you are told by manufacturers or their representatives. The only way your printer can be denied is if it can be shown irrefutably that the cartridge somehow contributed to causing the damage. Most warranty claims are due to some unrelated mechanism or electronic control board in the printer failing and nothing to do whatsoever with the printer cartridge itself.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us directly by phoning us on 1800 465 538 or by clicking HERE.

Will the quality of print be equivalent to that of the Original OEM brand type?

Yes, you can be certain that your prints will be at least equivalent to that of the original. Our premium SCI brand generic cartridges are manufactured for us to meet or exceed IS09001, ISO9002 and UKAS QA international standards. These cartridges offer a high standard of quality, reliability, and offer high-quality printing results. Our SCI generic cartridges are either brand new items manufactured from new, containing only new components or are remanufactured to the most stringent standards with new ink or toner and new or recycled parts as required. Such generic cartridges are an economical alternative to expensive brand-name cartridges and supplies. You Can Buy with Confidence Knowing That all of our Products are Manufactured and Remanufactured Certified to ISO9001, ISO9002 and UKAS QA Standards and come with our 100% Money Back Factory Guarantee.

Will using a generic branded inkjet or toner cartridge affect my printers warranty?

Major printer manufacturers sell printers at or below cost. They make their profits from selling the cartridges. By using compatibles you are cutting into their primary source of profit. Because of this, many will threaten to void your warranty if you use compatible cartridges. They are simply trying to protect their own interests anyway they can. It is however strictly ILLEGAL for them to do so. They CANNOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY simply for using compatible cartridges. Naturally if it can be shown that the printer cartridge itself has somehow caused the damage then the warranty will be voided, but in most cases there is a failure of some other part in the printer that is in no way related to the printer cartridge or the carriage mechanism. There is no reason that you should not use compatible cartridges. They work and will save YOU money. We've sold thousands of printer ink and toner cartridges and laser toners and never had an incident where a customer's warranty was "voided" from using our products.

What is the shelf life of this printer cartridge?

All of our SCI brand premium generic inkjet cartridges have a lifetime shelf life when the vacuum bag has remained intact. All other original cartridges have a shelf life at least of 24 months after purchase and we guarantee this by using a stock rotation system that ensures your cartridge reaches you as soon as possible after being manufactured.

Will I Get the Same Number of Printed Pages From a Compatible Inkjet or Toner Cartridge as an Original Cartridge?
You will get at least the same number of printed pages from compatible Inkjet and Toner cartridges as you will get from original brand name cartridges. Customers are reporting many, many more pages of print per cartridge over their OEM printer cartridges.
How much money will I save by buying a generic compatible cartridge?

Typically buying a compatible cartridge saves you about 50-83% over the cost of a new OEM original brand cartridge. Check out the savings for your printer. Make sure to explore our bulk buy combos and super saver combos in the FREE SHIPPING OFFERS tab on this page to save even more!

How can you sell them so cheap?
Our cartridges come straight from the factory - therefore - NO MIDDLE MAN to raise the price!!
In the description section for this printer cartridge, the word "generic" is used to help describe the Manufactuere type, can you explain what this means?

We fully guarantee all of our compatible, generic and remanufactured printer cartridges to work just as flawlessly as the OEM original version, so you can be totally confident using our premium brand SCI cartridges without fear. All of our replacement imaging products have been manufactured or re-manufactured using "State of the Art" technology with the highest quality inks to ensure complete compatibility to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) products.

What's the difference between this generic cartridge and an original OEM one?

Original OEM - is an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. When you see a product described as OEM, original or genuine, that means that it is a new name-brand printer cartridge manufactured by the big name brand printer manufactuers like from Epson, Canon, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, etc.

'Generic' indicates that the product is manufactured or remanufactured by a third party rather than the actual manufacturer of the machine.

How many pages will this printer cartridge print?

This varies depending on many issues: Percentage of page covered, Quality of Image, Size of Image, Type of Paper Printed on. Manufacturers normally show figures based upon 5% page coverage. Our SCI brand generic cartridges typically print more than the original branded product simply because we put more ink into the cartridge at the factory. Please refer to the description section on this page to view more details.

Lowest Price Guarantee - Find an identical stocked item at a lower price and we'll beat it by 5%. (Excludes stock liquidatons, customer special orders and contract pricing.)

Our Guaranteed Low Price Promise!

Our price check team are constantly working to make sure that we have the lowest wholesale prices in Australia so you'll never need to pay retail price again. We are so confident of being able to bring you the lowest prices ever; you're shopping orders are now permanently safeguarded by our Guaranteed Low Price Promise! This means you can shop confidently knowing you'll be getting the lowest prices possible every day at Inkjet Wholesale. However in the unlikely event that you come across a cheaper advertised price on an identical stocked item that is available for purchase with a competitor - even if it's on sale, we will not only match it, we'll beat it! That's our Guaranteed Lowest Price Promise to you! If you've found a cheaper total price just submit a price challenge.

What items does the Guaranteed Lowest Price Promise (GLPP) apply to?
All identical products with identical terms and SKU numbers and conditions that are stocked at Inkjet Wholesale and in stock at our competitor.
What items (if any) are excluded from the GLPP?
  • Non identical products (those where the manufacturer SKU codes are not matched)
  • Bundle deals i.e. where for example computers and peripherals are packaged as one item.
  • Cash back and promotion and coupon code offers
  • Resellers
  • Customer special orders
  • Contract Pricing
  • Competitor clearance and genuine insolvency type auctions products

Inkjet Wholesale reserves the right to limit the quantity of products available in any instance for price-matching and beating at its discretion. The Lowest Price Guarantee does not extend to resellers.

What about online stores?

Identical products are price matched against online stores but as with any other kind of store, the item must be currently in stock and available for purchasing immediately. When price matching online stores, allowance must be granted to also account for the added cost of delivery and how that contributes to the final overall price. If the identical product can be purchased and delivered through an online store for a total price lower than our advertised price including such shipping, then we guarantee to beat such a price.

How do I redeem a claim if I believe I have found a lower total price on an identical item stocked?

If you've found a cheaper total price, we welcome the opportunity to win your business, just submit a price challenge

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