The Ultimate Guide on How to Organise your Office to Boost Productivity


Optimising the workplace environment to boost productivity and enhance business success is an extensive task requiring a good deal of preparation and planning, as well as considerable resources. A 2013 report sourced from a Gensler survey highlighted that only around 24 percent of workers in the United States work in optimal conditions, leading to greater success, engagement and innovation.

The startling majority of 76 percent employees are dissatisfied with the work environment and are unable to focus within their current workplace.

This guide highlights the most important tips and strategies for creating the best work environment for everybody, encouraging positive attitudes from employees and leading to greater innovation and creativity from everybody. Creating the best office and business space depends very much on the business focus, number of employees and company targets. Maintaining a professional environment, while encouraging employee engagement, contentment and keeping focus at high levels can be a balancing act for every employer.

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However, corporations reporting the highest levels of employee satisfaction were also leading the most innovative and individual teams of workers. Therefore, it has to be said that employers that do focus upon creating a balanced workplace and put value upon individuality and creativity provide their employees with greater opportunity for happiness in the workplace, as well as increasing innovative working and effectiveness.

The initial sections of this guide focus upon different types of office layout and show business owners how to make the most of these. Their decisions on the best office environment will need to take account of types of daily work activities, numbers of employees and their work and personal requirements, as well as space requirements. Creating the best functional space to cater for all daily activities helps ensure a comfortable work environment which will add to employee productivity and enhance job satisfaction. Part two of the guide gives ideas for the essentials in office equipment and the types of supplies needed to enhance the workflow and ensure efficiency.

Business owners can find valuable tips on how to optimise the supply chain into their offices to ensure constant access to all the essential equipment and supplies.

Special attention has been given to establishing a strategic filing system which allows quick and easy retrieval of documents, whether a business maintains paper files or keeps all the files on computers or in the Cloud. Finally, individual employees can find useful tips on how to enhance their allotted workstation efficiency.

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Remote working or telecommuting has been growing in popularity in recent decades, so the third part of the guide provides useful tips on setting up an optimal home office or virtual office, alongside details of all required equipment and supplies. Working remotely can be difficult and motivation is a key issue for a lot of telecommuters or self-employed individuals, so it’s crucial to follow certain guidelines to make sure a home or virtual office has all the equipment, supplies and furnishing necessary for owning and operating a successful remote business.

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