This guide has been prepared to assist all business owners, office managers and home office workers in creating the best working environment for their needs, to support the efforts of all workers and maintain productivity at maximum levels. We have summarised as many topics as possible to help you produce the organised office environment you need. Effectively, we are confident that the information provided can be applied to any type or size of business.

Whether you are a telecommuter looking to create a unique office space within a confined environment, or an office manager wanting to upgrade an open plan working office to suit 100 employees, the details included in this guide will assist your design planning and maximise your enjoyment of the working day.

Ultimately, any office space must support the daily or weekly workflow, but it also must be comfortable and contribute to safe working patterns. It’s not only crucial for an office to be functional and well-designed but also to fit in with individual employees and their personal work patterns.

By containing all the necessary equipment based on modern technology, it’s possible for clutter to be minimised and better organisation to be promoted along with efficient working patterns.

Even if you have considerable expertise within the business environment there are sections within this guide that will prove helpful to your organisation and increase its efficiency. Take the time to review every tip and hint provided before setting out to plan or redesign your business space.

We know that optimising the workplace in the manner suggested is the best way to begin encouraging the type of collaborative and innovative workplace that will enhance the success of any business.

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Making positive changes in the workplace often leads to immediate boosts in employee morale and productivity. Sometimes the smallest, seemingly trivial complaints can be blown into major issues when employees are demotivated and unsatisfied with the business environment.

Collaborating with workers on the changes to the work environment and the equipment and supplies provided is one way to encourage communications and you're sure to discover added equipment and supplies that are needed to keep your workers producing at optimised levels.

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