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Louise Jappe Reviews Inkjet Wholesale

Featured Testimonial

Photo of Louise Jappe

I have been using inkjet wholesalers for over 2 years and they are without a doubt the most fantastic professional company to deal with.

As I live in a very remote geographically isolated area of Australia we only get mail by air twice a week.

With any other company I could be waiting for up to a month to receive ink for our home and work printers.

With inkjet wholesalers I have received orders within the same week of ordering which is phenomenal. Not only that, their prices are very competitive and work out cheaper than other companies I have dealt with in the past.

I also love the little goodies they throw in too, pens, magnets and chocolates.

I highly recommend using Inkjet Wholesale to purchase your next lot of replacement ink.

Louise Jappe
Pormpuraaw, QUEENSLAND

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