Inkjet Wholesale Pty Ltd. (Inkjet) is an online retailer of virtually all types of office supplies with a special focus on ink and toner cartridges. We deliver office supplies such as printers, shredders, calculators, pens, pencils, and other stationery straight from the warehouse to the customer.

Our warehouse direct supply gives us many cost benefits over conventional retailers, which we further pass on to our customers. The effect is that our inkjet and toner cartridges are up to 83 percent cheaper compared to established market rates while other offerings are as much as 50 percent of their market prices.

Over a period of more than ten years, we have created an elaborate storage and distribution system all over the country operating out of Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. Our distribution infrastructure facilitates fast delivery times with some deliveries even being completed within 24 hours.

Not only do we aim to provide the cheapest inkjet and toner cartridges, office equipment, and office supplies in the country but also the best quality in those market segments. Our products comply with international standards such as ISO-9001, ISO-9002, and UKAS.

All the cartridges, inkjet or toner, sold by Inkjet are backed by a 100 percent lifetime guarantee which enables complete exchange in case of a problem.

The story of Inkjet Wholesale's (Inkjet) founding is simple but revealing of its mission and vision. It goes back to the year of 2002 and is a perfect example of how a simple desire like looking for cartridges can turn into a thriving organisation devoted to catering to that desire of the masses.

In the year 2002, the founder of Inkjet, Glenn Taylor was looking to finish an essay assignment for which he needed cartridges. Being a student, he was cash strapped and needed options that would not burn a hole in his pocket.

The first place he visited was a multinational big box stationery and office supplies store where he received the same shock that most printer owners receive when they go to buy their first set of replacement cartridges. It's a well-established fact that inkjet and toner cartridges are expensive but most of us, like Glenn, don't realise just how obscene the rates can be.

For a good 20 years before his quest to find the right inkjet and toner cartridges, Glenn had spent time fixing copiers, faxes, and printers. This experience had taught him the value of compatible or generic inkjet and toner cartridges.

So, faced with obscene prices of genuine inkjet and toner cartridges, Glenn decided to look for compatible options. He spent the day trying to find them but in addition to exorbitantly priced cartridges, he either found poor quality cartridges or none at all!

Finally, he decided to check for online suppliers of affordable inkjet and toner cartridges and went home. At home, he found nothing even after trawling the internet for a few hours. There were only small websites handled by individuals and without any decent infrastructure. As a result, the products weren't available, the deliveries weren't assured, the return programmes non-existent, and client servicing atrocious.

This was the story behind the conceptualisation of Inkjet Wholesale. The objective of our founder, Glenn, was to cater to the demand of affordable, high quality inkjet and toner cartridges through reliable customer service and dependable guarantee program.

In the last 13 years, Inkjet has gone from strength to strength. Starting from a single distribution centre, it now has four distribution centres spread across the nation. Furthermore, newer brands and products have been added to the catalogue to a point where we now offer virtually all types of inkjet and toner cartridges, office stationary, and office equipment.

Inkjet Wholesale has grown purely on the satisfaction and approval of its customers and this is something that we take special pride in.

Inkjet Wholesale's vision is the normalisation of artificially inflated prices of inkjet and toner cartridges in Australia and easy availability of all office supplies and office stationary to all corners of the nation.

This is a long term vision and while we can't influence the Australian market for cartridges, we have made it possible for Australians to get affordable inkjet and toner cartridges. At the same time, our extensive and deep distribution infrastructure has allowed us to offer our products to even far-flung destinations in the country.

Make inkjet and toner cartridges available to every household in the country at wholesale prices. Ensure that businesses located in out of the way locations in the country get access to the best office equipment, office supplies, and office stationary.

We are well on our way to achieving this vision as many of our customers are saving up to 70% on their purchases from Inkjet, regardless of where they're located on the continent.

We believe we can be a true component of your life as we save you money, time, and effort. Here are some reasons why you should choose Inkjet as your supplier of office equipment, office stationary and office supplies such as inkjet and toner cartridges.

  • We help you save up to 70% and at least 30%
  • Our products comply with international standards (ISO-9001, ISO-9002, UKAS etc.)
  • We provide a 100% Lifetime Guarantee on all our products
  • 99.9% of products offered by Inkjet are stored in our own warehouse
  • Fast and free delivery with most shipments being dispatched the same day
  • Close relationship with multiple charities in Australia

By associating yourself with Inkjet, you benefit in multiple ways. You save money, you get the best products, and you facilitate social welfare.

To show you how much we trust you and deserve your trust, here's our ABN: 17 364 455 675

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