Glenn Taylor

Owner of Inkjet WholeSale

Facilitating Full Realisation of Potential Everywhere

I deeply believe in the potential of every human being, object, and concept. This is why every time I recognise it I give my all to turn that potential into reality. Career is important, personal life is paramount, and business is uplifting but what I value most in my life is my ability to help people realise their inherent talent. I find nothing more rewarding than seeing an idea come to life and better the world.

In light of those beliefs, it isn't all that surprising that my interests lie in strategy, operations, and marketing. At Inkjet Wholesale I do everything from technical support to operations procurement while dabbling off and on in marketing. My experience as a technical engineer in the office equipment sector in the '80s complements my technical support duties, my desire to see others shine reflects in how I manage operations, and my background in psychology is evident in my contributions in marketing.

I follow a three-step process to solve every problem and initiate every new venture. The steps are out-of-the-box innovation, stable implementation, and careful systematisation. I've devised this methodology by studying great businessmen and leaders such as Elon Musk and Andrew Forrest.

In personal life, you'll generally find me either restoring bikes or riding them with the music on. I also read a lot in-between long bike rides because growth and self-learning are significant facets of my life.

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