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Premium Compatible Brand "Original (OEM)" indicates that the printer cartridge has been manufactured by printer machine manufacturer.. also known as "Original Equipment Manufactured" and "Genuine"
OKI 1279001
Genuine (OEM) Brand "Original (OEM)" indicates that the printer cartridge has been manufactured by printer machine manufacturer.. also known as "Original Equipment Manufactured" and "Genuine"

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Please use the drop down menu in this section if you know your OKI printer machine but not the OKI toner cartridge model. The result will contain all cartridges that will fit your specific device.
OKI B720
Please Select Machine Model "Original (OEM)" indicates that the printer cartridge has been manufactured by printer machine manufacturer.. also known as "Original Equipment Manufactured" and "Genuine"

OPTION #3 : Visually Identify Your Printer

Why Choose Inkjet Wholesale As Your Supplier Of OKI Toner Cartridges?

We’ve been around long enough to know what customers think of before actually making a decision to order any product. They want to know what to expect from the supplier. In the print industry, this tendency of customers is particularly accentuated largely because there’s a huge after market for printing consumables in most countries.

While most customers will give an arm to have access to a high quality supplier of OKI toner cartridges, some may even choose to settle for low quality suppliers as long as they know what to expect and can work around the flaws of the supplier.

However, low quality suppliers are not the subject of discussion here because the point of this whole exercise is for you to know what to expect from Inkjet Wholesale and Inkjet Wholesale is one of the best suppliers of OKI toner cartridges out there.

So, where do we begin? Let us begin with you.

Why You Are Here

There are only two scenarios that compel someone to go to a printer cartridge retailer.

The first is that you recently purchased an OKI laser printer, have finished the complementary cartridges, and now need replacement OKI toner cartridges. The second is that you’ve had your OKI laser printer for some time now but have recently been let down by your existing OKI toner cartridges supplier and need a new one.

Regardless of which category you fall into, you’re most probably a little anxious about using a new OKI toner cartridges supplier. This mainly happens because OKI toner cartridges, like all brands of toner cartridges, can be expensive and a bad purchase can really hit you financially.

So, you need to know that you can trust us and we need to tell you why.

Get the Lowest Prices in the Country

At Inkjet Wholesale, the prices of OKI toner cartridges are the lowest in the country. We have worked very hard on a business plan that allows us to provide incomparable prices of OKI toner cartridges in Australia.

In fact, we are incredibly confident that our rates are the lowest in the nation. So much so that we challenge our customers to find lower prices elsewhere. If you can find cheaper OKI toner cartridges elsewhere, then we’ll give you our OKI toner cartridges for a lower price!

This challenge exists for both genuine OKI toner cartridges and compatible OKI toner cartridges. How low are our rates? Well, you can save up to 70 percent if you purchase your OKI toner cartridges from us.

Get the Best Cartridges in the Country

While the quality of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) toner cartridges is never in question, the question arises when it comes to compatible OKI toner cartridges. Compatible OKI toner cartridges don’t always work.

Now, you might think that the reason we are so confident that our OKI toner cartridges are the cheapest in the country is that we compromise on quality. However, this isn’t the case. Inkjet Wholesale’s compatible OKI toner cartridges work almost 100 percent of the time.

We have done our research on the subject and only provide the best compatible OKI toner cartridges. Even in the off chance that one of our OKI toner cartridges doesn’t work, we provide our customers with a failsafe.

This failsafe is the 100 percent lifetime guarantee. By the virtue of this guarantee, if one of our OKI toner cartridges doesn’t work, then you'll have the option of sending it back to us to be replaced.

We don’t even put a timeline on this guarantee. The guarantee is actually applicable throughout the lifetime of the OKI toner cartridges you’ve purchased from us.

Get the Best Service in the Country

It’s not just about quality and pricing with us because we also know the value of service. We have recognised the value of service after being active in the industry for more than four decades. Our customer service department is accomplished at making sure that the customer is not inconvenienced by any service related problems by simply eradicating all such problems.

Not only has this time allowed us to identify what customers want but also gain enough expertise to help them regardless of what they need. Effectively, we’re known for being able to help our customers troubleshoot most of their printer related problems.

Learn About OKI Toner Cartridges

According to the OEM, OKI toner cartridges contain a special type of toner. The toner in OKI toner cartridges is a type of micro fine spherical toner. This is different from earlier versions of the toner where the toner particles were larger and jagged. This happened because to get toner in powder form, it was crushed which resulted in larger particle size and rough edges.

OKI uses a chemical process to formulate its toner which allows it to be a tenth of the size of conventional toner particles and also spherical and smoother. In addition, toner in OKI toner cartridges also melts at low temperature.

If you know how laser printers work, then you most probably know that toner is fixed onto the paper by melting. If the melting point of toner is high, then more heat and time is required to fix it onto the page. To improve print speeds and power consumption of its laser printers, OKI has made its toner’s melting point much lower than conventional toner.

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