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There are THREE ways you can find the correct HP Inkjet :

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HP Generic 564XL
Premium Compatible Brand "Original (OEM)" indicates that the printer cartridge has been manufactured by printer machine manufacturer.. also known as "Original Equipment Manufactured" and "Genuine"
HP 564
Genuine (OEM) Brand "Original (OEM)" indicates that the printer cartridge has been manufactured by printer machine manufacturer.. also known as "Original Equipment Manufactured" and "Genuine"

OPTION #2 : Look up by Hewlett Packard Printer Model

Please use the drop down menu in this section if you know your Hewlett Packard printer machine model but not the HP inkjet cartridge model. The result will contain all cartridges that will fit your specific device.
HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One C410
Please Select Machine Model "Original (OEM)" indicates that the printer cartridge has been manufactured by printer machine manufacturer.. also known as "Original Equipment Manufactured" and "Genuine"

OPTION #3 : Visually Identify Your Printer

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Some Information about HP Inkjet Cartridges

HP inkjet cartridges, according to the company, are designed to meet rigorous global standards of print quality. These rigorous standards have been set for various metrics such as permanence of the print i.e. how long it lasts before fading in various conditions and durability i.e. how well the print resists accidental damage such as spills and smudges.

In addition, HP inkjet cartridges are also designed in a way that they prevent the ink inside from drying out when the printer has not been used for an extended period of time.

While the quality and durability of a print made through genuine HP inkjet cartridges and genuine HP paper are exceptional, compatible HP inkjet cartridges aren’t far behind. However, when it comes to prices, compatible cartridges are significantly cheaper than the genuine ones!

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