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Since 2004 Inkjet Wholesale has shipped over 300,000 orders to all over Australia. We constantly strive to give you the best possible prices, the highest quality products, unmatched customer service and super-fast delivery, every day.

Inkjet Wholesale is Australia's number one online discount retailer of printer cartridges. But please don't just take our word for it, check out what our customers are saying about us below.

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Skip Vergers review
Skip Vergers

Loganlea, Queensland

22nd Apr 2018

Great value, fast and efficient service. Always love the little treats added in the package too :-)

Cheryl Holman review
Cheryl Holman

Torquay, Queensland

21st Apr 2018

It's just great to be able to reach into my desk draw and pull out that much needed cartridge without having to say....You've got to be ink! I do a lot of printing and always have that spare set just sitting there. The prices are amazing and don't break the bank, so I can have that spare set for the price of one anywhere else. I can keep working without the worry of what no ink!! Thank you Inkjetwholesale.

Peter Brewster review
Peter Brewster

Brighton East, Victoria

20th Apr 2018

Delivery is always very quick. Helped solve a problem which I had with my printer compatIbility. THANKS

John McKenzie review
John McKenzie

East Geelong, Victoria

20th Apr 2018

Good service Good product Timely delivery

Kerry Haymon review
Kerry Haymon

Kingswood, South Australia

20th Apr 2018

Great service. Good product.

Ian  Phillips review
Ian Phillips

Roleystone, Western Australia

20th Apr 2018

Very impressed by the speed & service of you guys. Thanks Ian

Maria Antonietta Schiavone review
Maria Antonietta Schiavone

Bentley, Western Australia

20th Apr 2018

Have been ordering from you company for quite a number of years now and always refer friends. Completely satisfied with your great service and the quality even of generic brands is the top.

David Ryder review
David Ryder

Tenambit, New South Wales

19th Apr 2018

Great job , very quick in getting my order

Prue O'Donovan review
Prue O'Donovan

Evanston Park, South Australia

19th Apr 2018

I have used this company for quite a long time and have always appreciated the extremely prompt delivery of items, mainly ink cartridges. The website also is easy to use and the prices are comparable.


Wheelers Hill, Victoria

19th Apr 2018

Excellent service and a Quality product

Colin Robertson review
Colin Robertson

Kiama, New South Wales

19th Apr 2018

Fast and easy, great price.

Bernard Warnock review
Bernard Warnock

Seaford Meadows, South Australia

19th Apr 2018

We have been dealing with Inkjet Wholesale for many years now, too many to mention, I would recommend everyone switch to inkjet Wholesale the next time they need ink.

Bernard Kerin review
Bernard Kerin

Tweed Heads West, NSW

19th Apr 2018

We can thoroughly recommend Inkjet Wholesale for great service door to door.

Lauralea Te Paa review
Lauralea Te Paa

Hollywell, Queensland

19th Apr 2018

Quick and easy!

Susan Tolley review
Susan Tolley

Tiddy Widdy Beach, South Australia

18th Apr 2018

This is the second time I have used this company and the efficiency was as good as the first time. Keep it your work.

Dion Francis review
Dion Francis

Madeley, Western Australia

18th Apr 2018

I have full faith in your company and would recommend it to anybody. Dion Francis

Alan ROBERTSON review

West Moonah, Tasmania

18th Apr 2018

To receive my Order within 24 was just an unbeatable effort. It was every bit as convenient, even more so, than having to go to an outlet to make a purchase. All done from the comfort of my office.

Frances Taylor review
Frances Taylor

Robinvale, Victoria

18th Apr 2018

Prompt, efficient and easy to order and deliver.

Wendy McBride review
Wendy McBride

Devonport, Tasmania

17th Apr 2018

I love to deal with Good prices, fast delivery and excellent communication.

michal kurtis review
Michal Kurtis

Yokine, Western Australia

17th Apr 2018

Thank you

Raymond Ho review
Raymond Ho

Marrickville, New South Wales

17th Apr 2018

Love the website, easy to navigate

Li Fong review
Li Fong

Liberty Grove, New South Wales

17th Apr 2018

Prompt delivery

Amy Rullo review
Amy Rullo

Eden Hill, Western Australia

17th Apr 2018

Great prices, great cartridges, super fast and excellent customer service! easy to order and pay online. My cartridges arrived within 2 days. Brilliant!

Jan Roberts review
Jan Roberts

Kensington, New South Wales

16th Apr 2018

Good service, fast delivery.


Bronte, New South Wales

16th Apr 2018

Excellent service, with prompt delivery.

gordon Lucas review
Gordon Lucas

Mount Pleasant, Western Australia

16th Apr 2018

Received order within 48 hrs. Very happy with service.

Margaret Meagher review
Margaret Meagher

Northampton, Western Australia

16th Apr 2018


Ken Martin review
Ken Martin

Wollombi, New South Wales

15th Apr 2018

SInce your change to Toll our delivery is more difficult, as we are off the main roads. Being able to direct the delivery to a pick up point would help circumvent the 'card in the letterbox, contact Toll, wait for delivery to pick up point' routine.

Wendye Myers review
Wendye Myers

Port Albert, Victoria

14th Apr 2018

Terrific! I have been waiting for 4 weeks for delivery of an order from a local retailer - sadly still not to hand. Received your product 2 days ago - ordered 3-5 days ago? Not only prompt and angst saving but also received a gift pen and 'lollies' to sweeten deal; Couldn't be more pleased and satisfied - will return to your site for more in future. Wendye (Victoria)

Martin Enright review
Martin Enright

Spotswood, Victoria

14th Apr 2018

Fast efficient service.

Betty Livingstone review
Betty Livingstone

Buderim, Queensland

13th Apr 2018

I have to say that the service I received from Michelle on my last order was excellent, it was a pleasure dealing with her. IAs I hadn't received my order within the 2 days from ordering I thought that it was unusual so I phoned your office and was lucky enough to be dealing with her. Unfortunaely it was my fault that the order didn't arrive as I had mistakenly put the wrong box number on the order. Michelle had no hesitation in tracking both parckages and from there everything was on track again. Thank you for the wonderful service and it was a pleasure to be able to talk to someone who was so helpfull. Regards, Betty

Geoffrey Owen review
Geoffrey Owen

Glenwood, New South Wales

13th Apr 2018

Another typical experience - easy to use site, good price, next day delivery, never had a 'wrong' order. So consistently good its boring, but much appreciated.

Kevin Robertson review
Kevin Robertson

Carrara, Queensland

12th Apr 2018

Great price, very quick delivery, no complaints at all

Colin Weeks review
Colin Weeks

Lake Cathie, New South Wales

12th Apr 2018

I was a little unsure about the generic like, but it performs as good if not better than my Epson products. I do a lot of photo and Hi Res printing and the prints come out first rate.

Neil McBurnie review
Neil McBurnie

Balmoral, New South Wales

12th Apr 2018

We ordered our cartridges on Friday arvo and they arrived Monday morning. Great service.

Debra Jewell review
Debra Jewell

Golden Bay, Western Australia

11th Apr 2018

Inkjet wholesalers are awesome to deal with, prompt delivery and a great price. have used them for years.

Barbara Miller review
Barbara Miller

Mittagong, New South Wales

11th Apr 2018

I ordered my genuine Brother cartridges at quite a good price and had them two days later. Thank you.

Neil Perkins review
Neil Perkins

Grange, South Australia

11th Apr 2018

You continue to provide good reliable service to your business as well as competitive pricing and as far as I am concerned is what keeps customer returning for that level of service.

gordon morgan review
Gordon Morgan

Brighton, South Australia

10th Apr 2018

always prompt delivery,so quick when i need cartridges.

Brian Peck review
Brian Peck

Cowes, Victoria

10th Apr 2018

Speed of Delivery!!

sophia patkowski review
Sophia Patkowski

Illawong, New South Wales

9th Apr 2018

I have been using Inkjet for a number of years now and found them to be very helpful and prompt with their service.

Thomas Quain review
Thomas Quain

Chermside West, Queensland

9th Apr 2018

I have been using Inkjetwholesale since 2012. The ink is good. The compositions of the various bundles are excellent. The delivery is prompt. What more could you want?

Pauline Schafer review
Pauline Schafer

Mermaid Waters, Queensland

9th Apr 2018

We are very pleased with the service received.

Rosemary Van Opdenbosch review
Rosemary Van Opdenbosch

Eatons Hill, Queensland

8th Apr 2018

User-friendly website, courteous communication, speedy delivery.

Jan Roberts review
Jan Roberts

Kensington, New South Wales

8th Apr 2018

Very prompt delivery. Thank you.

kevin flanagan review
Kevin Flanagan

Mindarie, Western Australia

7th Apr 2018

Only ever had one faulty ink tank and with one email it was replaced by next post that is what I call service.


Iluka, New South Wales

7th Apr 2018

Have never had any winges about your product or your service which is prompt. When choosing a pack of inks and you click on it for more details it is sometimes unclear to me how many of each colour is available. But I usually somehow figure it out. Cheers

heather combes review
Heather Combes

Queenwood, Western Australia

6th Apr 2018

I live in a rural community where regular wait time for orders of two weeks or more is normal, but i was very impressed to receive my order within days which is almost unheard of! Ordering was easy, price is brilliant and delivery very fast- cannot ask for more!

Nur Afrina Rosharudin review
Nur Afrina Rosharudin

St Lucia, Queensland

6th Apr 2018

Thank you for candies!

Elaine Walters review
Elaine Walters

Manly West, Queensland

6th Apr 2018

Great inks and people to deal with, would not shop any where else for my inks.I have recommended them to several of my friends who are also very happy with them.

Penny Butterworth review
Penny Butterworth

Ravenswood, Western Australia

6th Apr 2018

Cartridges, cheapest that I have found. Order filled and received in a couple of days. Easy to order.

Graeme Burkett review
Graeme Burkett

The Gap, Queensland

6th Apr 2018

I've been dealing with Inkjetwholesale for many years (when they used to put Lollies in with each order...LOL) and have never had anything but quality products and excellent service. Thank you to all at inkjetwholesale!

Melissa Cannon review
Melissa Cannon

Ascot Vale, Victoria

5th Apr 2018

Always very happy with the service and product from Inkjet Wholesale.

Maria Di Paola review
Maria Di Paola

Kingsgrove, New South Wales

5th Apr 2018

Easy to order, reasonably priced and great service. I am a returning customer and have always been happy with the product and service

Chris Grant review
Chris Grant

Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

5th Apr 2018

Inkjet Wholsale have provided great after sales support replacing a faulty cartridge immediately

Barry Freeman review
Barry Freeman

Seaview Downs, South Australia

5th Apr 2018

Prompt service, particularly when I placed my order just prior to Easter on 29 03 and delivery was made on 2 04 - I think that this definitely rates 5 Star performance. Thanks for your high level of cooperation.

Jennifer Hedges review
Jennifer Hedges

Tewantin, Queensland

5th Apr 2018

Great service and delivery - may I suggest that for those who order small amounts that they accumulate there spend to meet the $100 min spend to receive the $5 discount. I myself order in small batches of about $40 to $50 lots. Thanks

Rebecca Taylor review
Rebecca Taylor

Buderim, Queensland

4th Apr 2018

Always easy to order, great prices, good generic products and so quick to deliver.

Jennifer Ogden review
Jennifer Ogden

Tinana, Queensland

4th Apr 2018

Thank you Inkjet Wholesale, best customer service ever! I place an order and it arrives on my doorstep 48 hours later. No stress about parking, whether it's raining and careless drivers intent on damaging ones life or car!

Xin Liu review
Xin Liu

Durack, Queensland

4th Apr 2018


Leigh Shields review
Leigh Shields

Tylden, Victoria

4th Apr 2018

Great range, good price and awesome service. Very fast delivery.

Kay Cockram review
Kay Cockram

Stanthorpe, Queensland

4th Apr 2018

We have never had to wait more than a couple of days for our order to arrive. We make sure we order well before a weekend so there's no two-day extra wait because of the weekend. Wouldn't change for the world.

kerry monahan review
Kerry Monahan

Surf Beach, NSW

4th Apr 2018

I cannot give you any thing but praise in the service you give your customers. In my past life I was in retail and I will only deal with people who treat me as I treated my customers.Definitely 10/10 for you.

Maurice Layne review
Maurice Layne

Banks, ACT

3rd Apr 2018

I queried part-delivery and received very prompt response with explanation and detailed status of remaining part. Very fast despatch of goods. Excellent and friendly customer service.

Susie Lindley review
Susie Lindley

Dunsborough, Western Australia

3rd Apr 2018

Great service and really quick delivery

Joe Lo Presti review
Joe Lo Presti

Concord, New South Wales

2nd Apr 2018

Thanks Inkjet Wholesale-Good delivery time at and price for original cartridges.

Beverley Dubois review
Beverley Dubois

Seacombe Gardens, South Australia

2nd Apr 2018

Thanks so much for your very prompt service. I ordered the cartridges on 26/3 and they were delivered 27/3, all without leaving the house. Again, thank you.


Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

1st Apr 2018

I have been usding your services and products for several years and I have yet to be disappointed in any aspect of the orderts I have placed. I will contiunue our association for as long as I can stand up or punch a keyboard. THANK YOU. .......Barry HARRISON

Peter McInnes review
Peter McInnes

Woonona, New South Wales

1st Apr 2018

The website is very good to work from giving you many options. The price is also competitive. The product was quick to get to me and having free postage over a certain total all helps the make ordering from Inkjet Wholesale very worthwhile.

Ben David review
Ben David

St Leonards, Victoria

29th Mar 2018

These guys are fast, cheap and top quality! What’s more their customer service is excellent...super friendly on the phone and eager to help out. Have been shopping here for years and will continue for many more!

Joy Yeoman review
Joy Yeoman

Beauty Point, Tasmania

28th Mar 2018

Next day was a complete shock. Usually takes 4 days from mainland Aus.

Kelsey van de Ven review
Kelsey Van de Ven

High Wycombe, Western Australia

28th Mar 2018

fast and value for money

Anna Lee review
Anna Lee

Castle Hill, New South Wales

27th Mar 2018

fast and easy delivery. candy was a nice bonus

John Ashcroft review
John Ashcroft

Cootamundra, New South Wales

27th Mar 2018

Fast and efficient with good prices

Lynette Johnstone review
Lynette Johnstone

Leongatha, Victoria

27th Mar 2018

Awesome to deal with. Very quick on getting order sent out happy customer

Massimiliano Andrighetto review
Massimiliano Andrighetto

Kew East, Victoria

27th Mar 2018

I have been ordering from Inkjet Wholesale for several years. Usually the cartridges arrive to my door within 48hrs, only this last time I had to collect from the post office - not sure why as I was at home.

Wanxin Wang review
Wanxin Wang

Warrawee, New South Wales

26th Mar 2018

Elgin Allsopp review
Elgin Allsopp

Toowoomba, Queensland

26th Mar 2018

Great product

Deborah Bell review
Deborah Bell

Moranbah, Queensland

25th Mar 2018

Super happy with the service. Quick delivery - 2 days and I'm in a rural area. Lollies in the package were a nice touch for the staff.

terry thornton review
Terry Thornton

Tallong, New South Wales

24th Mar 2018


Gillian Edge review
Gillian Edge

Broken Hill, New South Wales

23rd Mar 2018

Very pleased with your service

Jacqui Flynn review
Jacqui Flynn

Glen Huntly, Victoria

22nd Mar 2018

A company that always delivers quickly, their prices are excellent and they have excellent customer service. Have been using inkjet for a number of years. Never been disappointed.

Margaret Molloy review
Margaret Molloy

Berowra, New South Wales

22nd Mar 2018

Inkjet Wholesale have always given us great service. The specials are a great bonus for us as we're a charity/not-for-profit group. There's often something special in our order which is a nice surprise. A great company to do business with.

Sanket Patel review
Sanket Patel

Springvale South, Victoria

22nd Mar 2018


Phil Simpson review
Phil Simpson

Springwood, New South Wales

21st Mar 2018

I just want to say that since I have been dealing with IJW, I have always received great courteous, speedy and reliable service at a reasonable price and initially I even received great chockies and pens in my orders to when I use to receive my orders from Newcastle N.S.W.

Roy Page review
Roy Page

Dingley Village, Victoria

21st Mar 2018

We have experienced problems with the last batch of generic cartridges purchased for use in our HP CP1215 printer resulting in smudging on printed sheets. We have replaced these cartridges with genuine HP cartridges (purchased from you) and the fixed the problem.

Jahirul Islam review
Jahirul Islam

Canning Vale, Western Australia

21st Mar 2018

Excellent Product

Leo Farley review
Leo Farley

Allansford, Victoria

21st Mar 2018


Jack Kleverlaan review
Jack Kleverlaan

Cranbourne, Victoria

20th Mar 2018

delivered the next day before 9 am. perfect

Alex Kornaczewski review
Alex Kornaczewski

Vermont, Victoria

20th Mar 2018

Pleasantly surprised by how quickly my order came - the next day.

Sandy Caswell review
Sandy Caswell

Wellington Point, Queensland

19th Mar 2018

Quick and efficient.

Margaret Page review
Margaret Page

Indented Head, Victoria

19th Mar 2018

Once again I am very satisfied with the quality of your generic ink cartridges and you prompt service when sending and receiving my order.

eric bates review
Eric Bates

Campbelltown, South Australia

18th Mar 2018

Made an error orderingbut the service that i had to correct was great. Thanks

Barry Greedy review
Barry Greedy

Tenambit, New South Wales

16th Mar 2018

I was amazed at the delivery time. It was terriffic.

Ronice Pickering review
Ronice Pickering

Doncaster East, Victoria

16th Mar 2018

I have been using another company for a few years. Went to place an order recently and found they had changed the 'special sales offers' Ithey had always had. Went looking for another provider, and found InkjetWholesale. Placed an order and made a better saving than I had with the other company.. Ordered in the afternoon, and it arrived around lunchtime next day. Very good. Have not used the cartridges yet, but if they are OK, then you have a new customer. Your site enabled placing the order easy and quick, delivery was prompt, if the product is good, then you have a new customer.

Gary LANE review

Runaway Bay, Queensland

16th Mar 2018

Bought generic ink refills. Did take 2 goes to get printer to recognise it, but quality and price are great. Recommend them.

Enid Robertson review
Enid Robertson

Manjimup, Western Australia

16th Mar 2018


David Sloper review
David Sloper

Durack, Queensland

15th Mar 2018

Great company to deal with. They stand by their guarantee and ink is always delivered on time.

Russell Moore review
Russell Moore

Carseldine, Queensland

15th Mar 2018

I needed some ink tanks in a hurry as I had overlooked replacing some. Ordered them online Thursday early afternoon & they arrived 9:00 am Friday morning from Perth to Brisbane overnight. Excellent service. Keep it up. Russell Moore

Karen Shannon review
Karen Shannon

Oyster Bay, New South Wales

15th Mar 2018

Can’t beat inkjet value bundles and next business day service! Love it!

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