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Welcome to the Lookup Page for Canon inkjet cartridges. Here, you’ll be able to navigate quickly and easily to find Canon inkjet cartridges for your Canon inkjet printer.

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There are THREE ways you can find the correct Canon Inkjet :

OPTION #1 : Look up by Canon Inkjet Cartridge Model

Select the model of your Canon inkjet cartridge from the dropdown list to find ink cartridges for your Canon inkjet printer.

Canon Generic CLI-8BK
Premium Compatible Brand "Original (OEM)" indicates that the printer cartridge has been manufactured by printer machine manufacturer.. also known as "Original Equipment Manufactured" and "Genuine"
Canon CL-511
Genuine (OEM) Brand "Original (OEM)" indicates that the printer cartridge has been manufactured by printer machine manufacturer.. also known as "Original Equipment Manufactured" and "Genuine"

OPTION #2 : Look up by Canon Printer Model

Please use the drop down menu in this section if you only know the model of your Canon inkjet printer and not the model of the Canon inkjet cartridges. The result will contain all ink cartridges that will fit your specific device.
Canon Pixma iP-4850
Please Select Machine Model "Original (OEM)" indicates that the printer cartridge has been manufactured by printer machine manufacturer.. also known as "Original Equipment Manufactured" and "Genuine"

OPTION #3 : Visually Identify Your Printer

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At Inkjet Wholesale, we don’t see ourselves as retailers but as service providers. We don’t just sell Canon inkjet cartridges. We also sell cartridges for other brands and printers. But, most importantly, we provide the full Canon ink cartridge service.

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A Little about Canon Inkjet Cartridges

Canon is a Japanese company that not only provides Canon printers and all in one machines but also cameras and camcorders. Canon was established in 1937 as a camera manufacturer but it later diversified to include photocopiers and printers as well.

Canon inkjet cartridges are typically designed to work in conjunction with specifically picked out paper and printing heads. According to Canon, this combination is ideal because it prevents the printing heads from clogging and the print from smudging.

However, generic or compatible Canon inkjet cartridges have been known to work well in
Canon printers as well.

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