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Brother Generic LC-57BK
Premium Compatible Brand "Original (OEM)" indicates that the printer cartridge has been manufactured by printer machine manufacturer.. also known as "Original Equipment Manufactured" and "Genuine"
Brother LC-137XLBK
Genuine (OEM) Brand "Original (OEM)" indicates that the printer cartridge has been manufactured by printer machine manufacturer.. also known as "Original Equipment Manufactured" and "Genuine"

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Brother MFC-J4710DW
Please Select Machine Model "Original (OEM)" indicates that the printer cartridge has been manufactured by printer machine manufacturer.. also known as "Original Equipment Manufactured" and "Genuine"

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Why Choose Inkjet Wholesale As Your Supplier Of Brother Inkjet Cartridges?

If the printing technology used in Brother inkjet printers is their heart, then their soul is the kind of consumables they use because the performance of any Brother inkjet printer depends entirely on the quality of the inkjet cartridges being used in them.

The significance of having the right quality Brother inkjet cartridges establishes the importance of finding a reliable and dependable supplier for these cartridges. So, if you’re very particular about your printing consumables suppliers and are questioning why you should even consider Inkjet Wholesale as your supplier of Brother inkjet cartridges, then you’re on the right track.

Fortunately, because of the importance of quality inkjet cartridges as well as their rising prices, we’ve faced this question before from others who are considering forming a lifelong relationship with Inkjet Wholesale.

Even though, most our customers come to us through recommendations and don’t ask such questions, the few that we’ve faced has allowed us to understand what customers need. In fact, our business operations are structured in a way that helps us cater to these specific needs.

Let us give you some highlights of Inkjet Wholesale that should help you understand why you should choose us as your supplier of Brother inkjet cartridges.

The Incredible Success Rate of Inkjet Wholesale Products

Genuine Brother inkjet cartridges are known to be fairly reliable but what about compatible inkjet cartridges? Most people think that compatible Brother ink cartridges can either be a hit or a miss depending on luck.

At Inkjet Wholesale, we beg to differ with these people because our compatible Brother ink cartridges are as reliable as genuine Brother ink cartridges. In fact, our products have a success rate of almost 100 percent since they comply with all the international standards used for cartridges.

This means that when you buy your Brother inkjet cartridges from Inkjet Wholesale, whether genuine or generic, you'll get the best quality possible.

An All-Encompassing Guarantee Program

Every retailer says their products are reliable and trustworthy, right? What makes Inkjet Wholesale different? Why should you take us on our word? It’s simple. You don’t need to.

Instead, we ask you to assess our 100 percent lifetime guarantee program and see if it’s worth your attention. Our 100 percent lifetime guarantee program entitles you to return any of our Brother ink cartridges if they stop working and receive a replacement in return.

This isn’t some token guarantee program that expires within a few days either. It’s a guarantee program that will stay active throughout the lifetime of the Brother inkjet cartridges you’ve purchased from us.

Now, doesn’t that guarantee program show you the kind of faith we have in the quality of our own products? We’re so confident that our Brother inkjet cartridges won’t fail that we’re willing to absorb 100 percent loss!

Unbelievable Prices in the Whole Country

By now, you’re most probably wondering if this great quality and great guarantee program comes at great cost. Most people think they get what they pay for, up until they run into Inkjet Wholesale.

At Inkjet Wholesale, you get more than you pay for. While the quality of our Brother inkjet cartridges is significantly better than the rest of the industry and out guarantee program more customer centric, our prices are actually lower.

In fact, you can buy Brother ink cartridges with us and end up saving up to 70 percent on the actual price. Our rates are completely wholesale. We work hard to provide you the lowest prices in the whole country.

We’re successful in it too. So much so that we offer you a challenge: if you can find prices lower than what we offer for the same quality, then we’ll beat those prices for you right away!

Effective and Efficient Customer Services

We have been involved in the printing industry for more than four and a half decades now. It is this experience that we’ve based our whole business plan on. One of the things that we learned during these years was that customers don’t just want a great product and low prices, they look for an experience when they’re buying something.

There’s only one way that this experience can be delivered and that is through professional and qualified customer service. We focus a lot on element of our business that fall under the category of customer servicing.

This means that we have timely, free and fast shipping schedules along with a helpful team of professionals capable of taking care of any questions that our customers may have for them.

What’s Interesting about Brother Inkjet Cartridges?

Brother inkjet cartridges contain a specially formulated type of ink so that it can drive optimal performance from Brother ink printers. The special formulation focuses on a number of things including increased fluidity, quick drying, and reduced clogging.

Increased fluidity of ink in the Brother cartridges helps the print quality and colour sharpness, the quick drying quality prevent smudging and smearing, and reduced clogging is designed to keep the print head nozzles clean.

Finally, these inkjet cartridges work through Brother’s special advanced capillary tube printing technology which helps lower the footprint of the machine, reduce the power consumption, less noise, and improved reliability.

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