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Our story starts way back in the '80s, repairing and servicing all kinds of printers, photocopiers, fax machines (remember those), high end reprographic office machines and so on for all the big companies. Canon, Minolta, Toshibe, OCE, HP. You name it, we've probably worked on it.

That's why you won't find a flashy salesman amongst us. Glenn, Dean, Joe, Paul, Dave, Justin, Will and Michelle and the rest of the Technical team are proud geeks. It was, and always has been, up to us to keep the customer happy by making sure their printers were always up and running (and fixed quickly should anything come up).

Eventually, when it came time for them to upgrade, customers started to ask us. They knew we would provide them with unbiased advice on what would best suit their particular needs, not necessarily the cheapest or biggest or fastest or the most profitable pushed by the sales force. (Sure, we'd get in trouble with the sales team and our bosses, but that didn't stop us).

All this to say, we're here to help you meet your needs, simply because that's just the natural thing for us to do everyday. We know the products, we know how to fix them and we know what works and what doesn't. Our job is to help you remedy any problems you may have with your printing tasks and we're happy to do it.

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You can always check out our comprehensive FAQ, our Knowledge Base and our Blog.

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