Michelle Taylor

Admin for Inkjet WholeSale

Committed to Spreading Efficiency and Joy

That's a strange couple – efficiency and joy – but that is exactly what I like about what I do. I bring together those values that most people don't even consider together in a single breath. I ask you, though. Isn't customer service about efficiency and joy? Shouldn't someone responsible for customer service make customers happy by solving operational challenges and then systematising them? I feel they should.

One side of my responsibilities at Inkjet Wholesale is to handle and process all types of requests from our numerous customers. The other side is to evaluate those requests and draw feedback from them so that Inkjet Wholesale can improve its services for all. The most rewarding aspect of my work, I have to say, is how even a problem can be turned into something positive.

When I'm not solving customers' problems, I'm solving problems in my garden and my house. I'm perpetually gardening and renovating in my house but sometimes you'll find me enjoying a quiet night at the theatre or even a loud jam at a rock concert.

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