Akhil Sudhakaran

PHP Developer

Keeping It Simple; Keeping It under Control; Keeping it Flexible

Programming is problem solving. If you're a programmer, then you're in the business of solving problems or, at the very least, simplifying them. By that opening, you must be able to tell that I'm a programmer. In fact, you've probably figured out that I'm a proud programmer. Maybe I can make that my superhero call-sign. Seriously, though, my role with Inkjet Wholesale is that of a web developer. I take the approved designs and functional features and make them real on the web. When you browse Inkjet Wholesale, you can rest assured that you're enjoying the fruits of my labour.

As a person, I see myself as a free spirit. I don't have a workstation. I work from anywhere and everywhere, which is a good thing because I like to travel the world. I'm a generally grounded individual who can handle inordinate amounts of stress. Finally, I like to stay updated on my craft. This means that if you don't find me on some out-of-the-way beach "developing", you'll most probably catch me watching some tech videos.

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