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SC 3D Filament ABS - Blue 1.75mm 1Kg Roll

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SC 3D Filament ABS - Blue 1.75mm 1Kg Roll Description

Brand: SC

Model: 3D Filament ABS - Blue 1.75mm

Manufacturer Code: ABS175U1

Type: 1Kg Roll

Category: 3D Filament

Never pay retail again for this 3D ABS Filament media roll for your 3D printer. The filament diameter is 1.75mm, is blue in colour and comes in a 1kg roll. This ABS type Filament media plastic is perfect for manufacturing items that need to be extra sturdy and can tolerate extreme temperatures. Items like phone accessories, cases, toys, tool handles, rings, costume jewellery etc are some great examples.

• Designed to fit a multitude of different 3D branded printers.
• Comes as Blue and is 1.75mm in diameter.
• The filament quality is premium and known for use of ease when using a hotbed printer.
• Extrudes well without fear of clogging or jamming.
• Works ideally on a 3D Printer with a Hot Bed.
• Resists stringing and so there is very little retraction required.
• Printing is quick and flexible and accommodates rapid retraction settings.
• Comes with 100% Lifetime Shelf Guarantee. 

Whats in the box?
1 x 1Kg Roll of 3D ABS Thermoplastic Filament Media in Blue at 1.75mm diameter. 

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SC 3D Filament ABS - Blue 1.75mm 1Kg Roll Reviews