A general guide on how to fit your laser toner cartridge

Laser Toner Cartridge Installation Guide

1. Turn Printer off and open printer door cover. Please refer to your printers operating manual if unsure how to this.
2. Once printer door is open, carefully remove expired toner cartridge from printer and place on bench.
3. CAUTION: Before opening plastic housing packaging with new toner cartridge, double check to ensure you have
the correct cartridge by checking the model information on the outside of the new printer cartridge box.
4. Remove the new print cartridge from the packaging, and gently shake it from side to side for 20 seconds to distribute
the toner evenly inside the cartridge (See Pic 1 below)


Pic 1: Gently shake new toner cartridge from Side-to-side to help evenly distribute the toner ink powder inside the cartridge.  Once shaken carefully then attempt to establish whether toner cartridge has a PULL-TAG or it does not as per Pic 2.

Pic 2: IMPORTANT NOTE: Examine toner cartridge to see if there exists a plastic pull-tag protruding from cartridge. This can be a little tricky as often the tag is transparent. Now some cartridges WILL have a PULL-TAG, while others WILL NOT. If your cartridge has a PULL-TAG, then now remove completely as above and then immediately fit to printer. CAUTION: The removal of this tape is extremely important as it allows the toner to drop into the hopper assembly. Failure to remove completely may result in blank prints.If no PULL-TAG is evident, then just fit to printer.



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