Rajendra Yadav

Graphics/Front-end Developer

A Combination of Technical Knowhow and Creative Nous

Like a lot of people, I had to find my passion after having begun my career. I shuffled through multiple roles before discovering the one that fit me best. Luckily, the time I took to discover what I love benefits my position now. I began as a web designer owing to my creative streak. My passion turned out to be web development, though, and I discovered it when I tried to make my designs functional. My passion changed from developing creative wonders to facilitating their functional metamorphoses.

I have since been writing code as a web developer. My role at Inkjet Wholesale is that of Front-end & Graphics designer. I strongly believe that coding is an art form and I try to follow that belief in all my professional tasks. Away from work, I'm an unassuming individual who likes being amidst nature with close friends and family. Someday, I would love to make my desk mobile and travel the world.

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